Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Birthdays

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This month I’ve chosen to answer the following question from the Etsy Bloggers Team “Blog Carnival”: “When's your birthday?? What do you like to do when you turn one more year?? What is your favorite birthday present ever?? What would your dream birthday be like?? Do you give yourself gifts??”

To tell the truth, I never make a big deal about birthdays.  I don’t mind getting older, I actually enjoy the experience that I’m living through and accumulating.  I don’t dye my hair or lie about my age.  Yeah, I’ll usually find an excuse around August to splurge on some new yarns or fabrics, but I never covet much.  So, why on earth would I answer this question?  Because this year I’m turning 40.  Seems like a big deal to most and I’m wondering what it’s going to be like.

If I had to think up a dream birthday, I’m pretty sure I’d want it infused with creativity.  As it happens, my town is going to be running an Uncommon Art day right on August 8th!  It’s going to be a day filled with artists lining Main Street, in tents, creating and selling their wares.  I’m probably not going to have my own display but I am looking into working with a few artists on a community-wide participatory painting project all through the day.  I can’t wait! 

My Horoscope: Leo

You know intuitively that it's time to push hard toward your goals. There's never been a better time than now to make your dreams come true. But it's not about meditating, clearing your aura or saying affirmations like a mantra. Instead, it's currently your job to get serious and work hard. If you can keep your feet on the ground, your chances for success are greatly improved.

Just so happens I listened to a very motivating Tony Robbins clip on my ipod during a walk this week.  Maybe I need to listen to some more of him.  Maybe I should finish the bajillion projects laying around my workroom.


Well, here’s an affirmation I got today:myshoppingconnectionYay, that’s my Art to Wear pin in blue, right in the center! Just the type of motivation I need to keep creating.


  1. I enjoyed your post. Happy 40th in August. You are only getting better, I promise!

  2. congrats. on your pin, front and center! Don't worry about the 40th - it's just another even year! {:-D

  3. Happy soon to be 40th! I turn 40 this year too! This SATURDAY! EEK! I was actually the opposite in that I used to make a big deal about my birthday (before the little one came) and I used the excuse that when I was younger, I was never able to have a good birthday party because all my friends went away for the summer! ;-)


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