Sunday, March 8, 2009

Design by Nora – Featured Etsy Blogger for March 2009

The first thought I had when I clicked on Nora’s blog was “delightful”.  Then I went over to her shop and my thoughts were reinforced.  Everything there is so pretty.  My favorite (red, of course!):

Betty's Purse

She has many wonderful flower earrings listed, but I couldn’t resist picking this bag out first (I don’t wear earrings too often but I carry a handbag wherever I go!)  In the listing it says “This listing is for my uncle, Naz, who has been making leather purses for 30 years for companies such as Isabella Fiore and Goldenbleu. This purse is one of many of his original designs.”  Wow.  Talent runs in the family! 

Here’s a pair of her adorable handmade earrings, and it looks like she’s having a reduced price sale and free shipping right now:

Magenta Flower Studs

I joined a few groups to help me promote my own etsy business - this Etsy Bloggers group being one of them and I keep getting surprised each week/month by the things I get to share.  Through group postings, blogs, or Twitter, I’m getting to “meet” a lot of people I never would have if I had just stayed here and talked about my own business all the time.  Sounds a little sappy, doesn’t it?  Even when I’m home alone crafting things, there’s a whole world of people out there that I’m connected to and it’s wonderful to see everyone’s comments, get emails or shop ’s.  I feel lucky to be part of a great creative community, it’s often inspiring and keeps me motivated to continue creating.


  1. That is a lovely shop! Is true that everything is pretty ther! I'm happy you join a few groups! Is truely amazing to be part of this great creative community! I love love love the support, inspiration and love thatz been send my way! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you and yours!

  2. Hi, Welcome to EtsyBloggers and thank you for the post! :D


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